Is one fox really better? Photo: Ray Hennessy, Unsplash

A very smart friend of mine use to stress the fact that we are meant to work in teams. She says: What is the point of everybody doing stuff on their own? For me, who was not used to working in a team, I was always a bit sceptic and thought I would get more job done on my own.

Besides the amazing teachers at the Technigo frontend bootcamp, I have also had nine unofficial teachers during the past five months. Those are my wonderful teammates. I have learned so much from each and every one of them. They are truly some of the smartest and most helpful people I have known, and I haven’t even met them IRL.

We took our first baby steps together in August towards becoming front end developers. We barely knew what flexbox was let alone how to use it. Almost 24 weeks later we are building complex web sites in react and redux and creating our own API:s. We have been pair programming and mob programming, peer reviewed each other’s code and helped each other out when someone got stuck.

Life has probably been very tough to us in one way or another during these past five months. And telling nine other people in a digital meeting twice a week on how things are going could be a bit daunting. However, sharing our downfalls and showing our weaknesses only makes us stronger as a group, in the same way that sharing our successes and knowledge benefits us all.

So, I totally understand what my friend means now. Thanks team Foxes for all the sharing and caring. Now, let us make the last few weeks as amazing as the rest of the bootcamp.

I am a content manager who is taking on new challenges, adding Frontend development to my skills.